Github Repo v1.0.0

Folder & File Structure

Here is a list of all of the files included to create a simple rackup website. You will find some starter assets included such as a wild picard.jpg which will greet you on every new project. All of the filenames and folder have been modelled after Ruby on Rails.

  |- app.rb
  |- Gemfile
  |- app
    |- application.html.erb
    |- views
      |- index.html.erb
      |- about.html.erb
    |- assets
      |- images
        |- picard.jpg
        |- yay-new-app.png
        |- favicon.png
      |- javascripts
        |- application.css
      |- stylesheets
        |- fontawesome-5.0.6.js
        |- jquery-3.3.1.js
        |- application.js

Note: jQuery v3.3.1 is pre-loaded and FontAwesome v5.0.6

"FontAwesome5 & jQuery are the coolest things in the galaxy, but the only thing better is the rackup-framework, I use it for every project." - Jean-Luc Picard